Saturday, September 18, 2010

It must be fall already.

Oh this poor little blog, I've been such a neglectful blogger lately. Unfortunately I have been stuck in a post-college graduation existential slump, obsessing over the question, "Well what the hell do I do now?" I still don't exactly have an answer, but luckily I finally have some exciting plans in motion. I actually feel ready to devote some time to this blog again! Here are some fall themed vintage gifts and latest thrift store finds. Please excuse the terrible pictures, I haven't gotten used to how quickly the daylight is disappearing yet. I thought the yellow light might add to the mood, but really it just looks sad.


Two beautiful leather satchels, both found at the thrift store! The bigger one is Coach, I was so excited when I found it. It looks a little like the Mulberry Alexa, don't you think? Unfortunately it was a bit pricey for a thrift store, so I made my boyfriend buy it for me for my birthday. I'm not sure when the smaller one is from, but it definitely is real leather and says "Made in Italy" across the front, which I thought was a little weird. The brand is Valentina.


The fisherman's sweater was my grandmother's from when she was in college, she gave it to me last Christmas. Apparently she and her boyfriend had matching sweaters, she knit him one then had him buy this one for her! How cute. When I get around to it and the light is better I'll take some more pictures, the tag is really cool too. It says that it was "Handloomed in the Donegal Highlands, Handmade in the Republic of Ireland." I haven't figured out quite how to wear it yet, the sweater fits but the sleeves are really short! My grandmother was so tiny. Also the wool is incredibly itchy, so I need to find a nice turtleneck and I'll be all set for winter.

The gray wool sheath dress is one of my favorite thrift store finds. When I get over my embarrassment of having my picture taken for a blog, I'll post some pictures of me wearing it. It fits like a glove! It will be perfect for interviews and for work if I ever manage to get an actual job.


I love these ankle boots, but they are just too big for me. I was thinking of setting up an Etsy shop at some point in the future to sell some of the vintage I find that just doesn't fit me, would anyone be interested in buying these? I'm worried because it seems like every single blogging, vintage-minded girl has an Etsy shop, I don't know if I would actually be able to sell anything. Sometimes it's so hard to pass up great finds at the thrift store just because they don't fit me, I'd love to be able to share.

The vintage cat-eye sunglasses are one the best gifts I've ever received. My boyfriend found them, turns out they are actual Ray Bans from the 1950s. Apparently I'm all about brown leather this fall, I've been wearing both of these belts a ton lately.

I'm working on revamping my blog layout, but keep an eye out for more posts! I'm taking an exciting trip soon, and will definitely be posting some pictures here.

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