Thursday, May 6, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about shoes. To be fair, I'm always thinking about shoes but the problem is that I simply do not have the funds to buy the nice pair of summer sandals I've been dying for. So instead, I'll post here.

Seeing as how I'm on the cusp of graduating from college, I don't exactly have a lot of cash to spare. What little money I do have needs to go to a cap and gown. And beer, obviously. Here is my round-up of affordable(ish) summer shoes that I would love to buy as soon as I get a job. So you know, never.

I love the bohemian 70's vibe of these. Wood-heeled, retro style sandals are so cute right now. I'm finally starting to feel grown up enough to think about wearing heels on a regular basis, and I think these would be perfect for wearing with peter-pan collar blouses tucked into high-waisted shorts.

I feel like every single fashion blogger I follow has procured a pair of Swedish Hasbeens clogs lately, making me instantly jealous and coveting a pair of my own. Unfortunately those suckers are about $200 a pair, but then I stumbled on these. The exact same look for less than half the price. They are the perfect, casual, everyday summer shoe. Also they look so comfortable, which is important to consider with sandals.

Rocket Dog 'Lisbon' T-Strap Wedge Sandal, $44.99

I love these t-straps. They are just as casual as a flat sandal, but the tiny hint of wedge would keep my legs from looking too stumpy. (Listen, I'm short).

Jeffrey Campbell Wrap-Around Heel, $128

Ok not exactly a sandal, but man do I want these. The leather looks so soft, and I'm obsessed with the retro heel shape paired with a more modern strappy shoe. This nude color would look so great with flowy lace dresses at outdoor summer parties and barbecues. Definitely not so affordable, but I do have a birthday...

Frye 'Laurel Leaf' Flat Sandal, $158

Ok absolutely out of my budget. And while I'm not that crazy about the flat sandal in general for this summer (short legs remember), these are absolutely perfect. They have the hippie vibe that flat leather sandals really ought to have, and the leaves add just a touch of Grecian whimsy. These would be perfect to wear to a music festival with a floral print romper and big sunglasses. (Maybe these).

Well this has helped scratched my online shopping itch at least a little bit... If anyone would like to give me a job though, seriously that would be great. I need to fund my idyllic summer filled with traveling, outdoor parties, concerts, and obviously great shoes.


  1. OH! The appearance of those Swedish Hasbeens all over the blogosphere is trying to kill me. I keep hoping to find a thrift alternative. No such luck so far.

    Goodluck to you in your summer sandal hunt!


  2. I've been looking for sandals that look like Hasbeens, I love their cute shape.

  3. Those MIA shoes are great. I actually just got a pair, after I had tried on the Swedish Hasbeens. They are actually quite similar in fir and nearly identical in appearance. I would highly recommend them!

  4. i like hasbeens! :D i think they go really well with almost anything.

    {no, it's not about birds}

  5. Thanks, it's from Topshop! I love it and now it's in black too! (:

  6. And I have those Mia clogs. They are fabulous! (: